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The Mayali Mulil Festival is a yearly Kakadu On-Country Gathering. This year’s festival is set to offer a real cultural experience with nature and traditional song and dance, from Friday, September 6 to Sunday, September 8.

In it’s 4th year Mayali Mulil Festival will take place on Murumburr Umbukarla country, and is hosted by Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp – a local Aboriginal family owned/run cultural tourism business offering safari-style eco accommodation and Aboriginal cultural experiences beside Jim Jim River system, in Kakadu National Park.

Location in 2016 was at Murdudjurl Community due to early rain washing out the dirt track to the Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp 15 kms further up the river. This year the Festival will be at the Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp. Road access subject to weather.

The idea of Mayali Mulil started some 10 years ago with the Murdudjurl Community family, who hoped to bring people together on Murumburr country to share and connect with the diversity of Aboriginal cultures both near and far. They also hope to share, support and promote local and regional Indigenous enterprises.

Mayali is part of Bininj Kunwok (Western Arnhem Aboriginal languages similar to Kundjeyhmi and Kunwinjku). Mulil means many – in this case a large gathering of people. In particular, people gathering and connecting together under the umbrella of Mayali language and culture.

The festival is a gathering of people, country, culture and enterprise with an aim of achieving a sustainable balance between two worlds.

This year the Festival has a new website and ticketing system. Festival Passes can be pre purchased, with 2 day passes or 1 day pass for entry and begins on Friday 7 September from 2pm with camping sites available over the weekend. Or why not buy a Festival Safari Tent Package and stay in our Eco Tents.

Mayali Mulil 2018 Highlights

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