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Bush Tucker

The aboriginal people or Bininj Mungguy as they wish to be refered to as have been living off the many bush foods that the land has provided for many generations,  and many more generations to come.

they have relied on these foods today and will tomorrow so it is imporatnt the traditional foods and the important knowledge of how to gather it and how to preserve it for future generations as well.

Bush foods are available seasonally, and the bininj/munngy live by 6 season here in Kakadu and the West Arnhem Region and there are different foods available different times of the year and the land indicates to the bininj mungguy when to go and hunt  and gather these foods which is when these foods  are also at its fatest state and which is the best time to eat them, part of this knowledge is handed down from generations of old people passing this information on.

Refer to seasonal calendar on this website.