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Bird Watching

The Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp location is a very special place for bird watchers. In June 2017 renowned naturalist and Kakadu expert Ian Morris counted 44 species of birds in the hour leading up to sunset from the verandah of a cabin in the camp. In subsequent visits Ian noted still more species around the camp. Click here to download a photographic guide to the bird species you may see or hear at the camp. 

The camp is situated in the transition zone between woodlands and the wetland systems that Kakadu is so renowned for.  It is a part of the country that is still very much as explorers like Ludwig Leichardt saw as he followed the Jim Jim creek system down into the famous wetlands.

These early explorers were even more aware of the dynamism of 'the new frontier' and their diaries are full of it:

"No part of the country we had passed was so well provided with game as this; and of which we could have easily obtained an abundance, had not our shot all been expended. The cackling of geese, the quacking of ducks, the sonorous note of the native companion (Brolga), and the noises of black and white cockatoos, and a great variety of other birds, gave to the country, both day and night, an extraordinary appearance of animation....."  Come and see it for yourself and enjoy the amazing atmosphere.