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Statements and Vision

Mayali people have lived in the region for many thousands of years.  When the sea levels rose and the shoreline was along the edge of the escarpment people lived in the rocky areas of the escarpment country, a unique part of Australia and the home of many unique plant and animals species. Through long periods of isolation as geological changes have shaped this part of Australia unique species, such as the Banded Fruit-Dove (Adjmu; Ptilinopus cinctus), the Oenpelli Python (Nawaran; Morelia oenpelliensis), the Black Wallaroo (Barrk, Macropus bernardus), have evolved in the area and are only found in the escarpment areas of Kakadu.

The Jim Jim creek system has become the wonderful floodplain resource over the last 6,000 years as the sea levels retreated and the freshwater system we see today has developed. Aboriginal ancestors of the current Mayali landowners have lived through all these changes and developed a rich culture in the region. Their knowledge and culture are shared through the Kakadu Billabong Safari Camp and associated activities.  We invite you to come and experience the wonderful feel of this country and take some time to understand the land and the culture that makes this area so special.

Our Vision for the Future

is to be self sustainable in the future

To get more cultural maanagement back onto our land

create employment for our own

to be energy and environmentaly efficient

Allow us to implement self determination to build a future fo our people.

A Statement about the Present 

Come and join us and enjoy our culture.